Shine: why? Because it’s not an option, you have to.

“ You are like LIGHT for the whole world, a city built on a hill cannot be hidden, no one lights a LAMP and puts it under a bowl; instead he puts it on a lamp stand where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way your LIGHT must shine before people so that they will see the good things you do and PRAISE your Father in heaven.

-Matthew 5:14-16.

I value light so much, like it just creeps me out when a place is dark. It is not so much about fear now but about the uncertainty that the dark holds dear. You just don’t know what you would bump into or stumble upon. Darkness is creepy and that is final for me. God says we are the light of the world, you and I. Imagine if there was no believer in the world which is rather impossible but just imagine how dark the world would be. Can you see the intensity of work the Father has placed on our palms?

You are a believer, you are the one the certain people look up to. Yes and yes, we study the word to know how to go about our lives but it is also not possible to say that at a point in our lives we haven’t been inspired by how a particular person handled a situation or how he or she loves up on God. This is what God has called us to do, to point others to Him.

“ A city built upon a hill cannot be hidden. ”

This is the beauty of our purpose as Christians, you are not in this alone. We are in this together, it says we are a city built upon a hill, a city comprises of various buildings; workplaces, church, schools, homes you name it. Whenever you find yourself in this city set upon a hill you ought to reflect Christ. We are the city set upon Christ.

“ Let your light shine before men so they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven. ”

This doesn’t make a believer a hypocrite, I believe it all depends on the motive. When your light so shine before men, you are not doing it so that you can get peoples attention, you are doing it because all the quality that can ever come with light has been planted deep within you and they are finding their expression.

So then, Shine and lead people to Christ.

Till next time.


Don’t stress it: who you are is who God says you are.

Yeah! Don’t stress it, who you are is who God says you are. I feel like this message need to be preached to everyone out there still putting the pieces of life together hoping to make something right, this message needs to get out there to people who are still stressing over what the world says they are.

The devil will call you who you are not and he would tell you what is not, if only! You allow him to. You are not defined by a mistake you have made in the past, the Bible makes us aware of this in Romans 8 that there is therefore no condemnations for those who are in Christ Jesus. And guess what? You are in Christ Jesus ( I know right? That’s something epic, you didn’t see that coming.)

Who you are is a chosen person, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s chosen, a person called by God to proclaim his wondrous acts, you were called out of the darkness into His marvelous light. But what if I still fall? But my life is not as perfect as I want it to be, what do I do? Psalms 94:18 says “ I said I’m falling but your constant love held me up. ” God doesn’t judge you, He sees His son when He looks at you and that is why we are His righteousness but this doesn’t call for a constant falling, no, how can we be in Christ and still see sin as a nature? That’s just impossible.

So quit bothering about what the devil tries to whisper and stay glued to what God has spoken about you.

Till next time.

Not that smart.

“ But we are those who have the mind of Christ. ” -2Corinthians 2:16b.

Sometimes last week my friends and I were reading this flyer someone gave us about making heaven, repentance and going to hell ( there were other things in it but I just summarized what the whole article was all about. ) As one of my friends continued reading the article, she read out a particular sentence that drew my attention, the sentence was that the devil was created before man was created, and that because of this he is smarter than us so we should be careful of his tactics ( They painted the devil like he was some sort of genius )

We all had our various reactions and strongly disagreed, but then my spirit didn’t agree with that statement at all because it is a lie. The bible recorded Solomon as the wisest man that ever lived but we know we are wiser than Solomon because of the one who lives in us. Christ has been made wisdom unto us, Christ is far greater than Solomon and to think that Christ Jesus is our wisdom is a very massive thing ( Christ has been in existence before the world began so He is no where in the same league with the devil. )

So then, because the devil has been here before us doesn’t mean that he is this close to being smarter than us. No, we have the wisdom of Christ within us, we are smarter than the devil and it is a fact. We are smarter than the tantrums he plays, we are wiser than him in all ramification. We are not equal with him, we are greater than him. I feel like it’s an insult to compare any beings smartness to that of the devil. We are above him. You are so smart, Christ has been made wisdom unto you.

Till next time.

Fought till I was found.

The overwhelming, never ending reckless love of God. It chases me down, fights till i’m found ,leaves the ninety nine. I couldn’t earn it ,i don’t deserve it, still you gave yourself away. The overwhelming never ending reckless love of God.

This song is so out of this world, it is not from this planet at all 😁. The first time I heard this song, I listened to it for nothing less than 30 times ( maybe I exaggerated a bit though 😑) but still that doesn’t stop the actual fact that no words can convey how I feel about this song.

Lately all I have been doing is reflecting on the love of God, even though I will not be able to fully understand yet why God gave Himself away for my sake, I have decided to cherish this little revelation I have of Him. Nothing can steal that away from me.

Sometimes I just sit back to wonder how much God loves us all, me especially 😁. Despite me ignoring Him on some days, shying away from His love, not being able to stand my ground as a believer, prioritizing other things above Him which is like the peak of it all😶. This love God has for us breaks even the hardest heart.

Reflecting on His love has repositioned my gaze again and I feel like I am going to continue doing this more often. Knowing how much He sacrificed just calls for me to present my life as a sacrifice unto Him and stay ever grateful to Him.

How often do you reflect on God’s love? Even amidst everything that happens or is happening around you? Do you take your time to thank God for always loving you? He says in Isaiah, “ You are precious to me, I love you and give you honour. ” isn’t that just amazing? 😍 Never shy away from God’s love. HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH ALWAYS REFLECT ON THAT.

Till next time ❤

Dad puts His reputation on the line always.

He said “ I promise that I will bless you and give you many descendants. ” – ( Hebrew 6:14)

Hey, I would love to take my time to celebrate you, thank you for all that you are, it is by God’s grace that we have been saved, this is just a quick reminder that God loves you so much irrespective of what you are going through and He is always with you and this is me pouring out my love and thanking you for visiting my blog. 💚

There is something so profound as my Pastor would say 😁 about Christianity and patience, it’s like 5&6. You can’t be a believer and be inpatient. Whatever God has promised you can never change cause He loves you.

When a promise is made between two people, Paul explained that it had to be backed up by an authority because man is a wavering being, he can beat his chest to say he never promised such when he sees the condition is not to his benefit. But hey, God isn’t like that at all.

No authority is greater than Gods authority, and every time He whispers to you in love, every time He makes a promise, He puts His own reputation on the line to show how intentional He is about the promises He has made.

One thing i have learnt is that God can never break His word, He is consistent with whatever it is that comes from Him. All we need is patience, If indeed God has said it, He has done it, He is just telling you so you would be aware of what He has ahead for for. God’s promises are true, time is longer than rope. Hold on tight to His promises, never let the devil whisper a word.

Till next time. 💛

So fly and super than heroes.

Who can defeat the world? Only the person that believes that Jesus is the son of God.
-1st John 5:5

It is not so fruitful to read the word with an ordinary mind or to read the word without the help of the Holy spirit. I’ve read this same verse over the years, still the words there were never made real to me. Do we take time to study messages we have heard? I didn’t before but now i do that quite often cause the issue is not that we do not know these things but that we need to remind ourselves constantly. The word of God is alive, it is a spirit, it is not just for reading sake because we want to but because we have to get the word into our beings.
Who can defeat the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the son of God. How can this be possible? What does this mean?
Christ was crucified, Christ died and He resurrected. That is the summary of how He defeated the world. That is, all principalities, all powers, and everything that raises it’s standards above that of God. Everything has been defeated by the Messiah.
If then everything has been defeated by Christ and the Bible records it, the only people who can defeat the world are the ones who believe that Jesus is the son of God. If we don’t believe that Christ is the son of God how do we proceed to believe that Christ defeated the world? Or how do we even believe He was able to defeat the world?
We are able to defeat the world because we know that Christ’s spirit is in us and greater is He who dwells in us than he who lives in the world. We believe that Christ came from the Father and that we have overcome the world because Christ went ahead of us to clear the path for us to tread on. You have a greater Spirit in you, always remember that.

Till next time 🧡💛

Same word, different meaning.

So one of my friends sent me a message and it was in form of a question, and the question was in John 3:16 it says “ For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have eternal life. ”
But then in 1st John 2:15, it says “Do not love the world or anything that belongs to the world, if you love the world then the love of the Father is not in you. ”
And the question was; if God so loved the world that He sacrificed His son just for us, why then would He prevent us from loving the world as well?
Well when I saw the question I didn’t quite get the whole concept, then I thought about it and also questioned the Holy spirit, I mean why would God tell us not to love the world if He loved the world well enough to sacrifice His only son?
That day, the Holy Spirit led me to read the book of 1st John 2 although I started from the first Chapter. The Holy spirit made me realize that the context of the world in John 3:16 was different from the context in 1st John 2:15. The context of the world in John 3:16 speaks about the people in the world, the one made in the image of the Father, the one the Father loved and will always love, His own people made and sculptured by Him. He so much loved us that He sacrificed all He had to get us back to Himself. But then,1st John 2:15 tell us not to love the world or anything from the world, the context of the world here was explained in the later verses, the context of this world meant the sinful desires of men, the things which men see, want and lust after not necessarily the ‘men’ themselves. If God didn’t want us to love the world then Jesus’ greatest commandment wouldn’t have been love one another. And again there is no reason to hate people just because they lust after things they shouldn’t lust after or their hearts are filled with sinful things, God doesn’t hate them, no! He loves them but only dislikes the act and the nature of sin itself because in Him no darkness is found.

Till next time 🧡💛

Throwback: Movie review, things to hold onto from THE SHACK.

“The Shack”, things we have to remember.

The Shack might have been a movie from last year but I feel God will always use this movie to touch lives and understand Him better. The Shack is centred around the life of a little boy that grew to become a man who blamed God for things and judges people as well. His father was violent to his mother and to him while he was young. He grew up and had his own family. One day, he took his children to camp where in the process, his last daughter got abducted and killed. He was so depressed and he kept everything in. Then, he received a letter one day from a certain Papa telling him to come visit him in the shack.

He made his way to the shack after being skeptical about the journey. There he met God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. This was the only way I assumed he could live a normal and sane life again. He had gone through so much, he needed Jesus. But during all of these, the words that really made me go awwwn and all amused by the Trinity are;

• God chooses to listen to everything we have to say even though He knows what we have in mind.
• We are the centre of God’s love and purpose.
• Dreams are important, they could be opening windows to let out bad air.
• If we know God and we know He loves us, we’ll trust Him.
• Everyone wants to play God so everyone judges, we all have to stop judging 😶.
•Religion is too much work, God doesn’t need slaves, He needs friends and family to share His life with.

•It cost God all He had but He still counted us worthy of love.
•No one in the world is immune to pain.
•It is always better when we do things not leaving God out of the picture, like when the main actor tried walking on water without Jesus, he saw that he couldn’t do it alone.

There are a lot to learn from this movie and if you have seen the movie, see it again. 😁 and if you haven’t, you need to! Remember, Christ loves you.

P. S: Dad, thank you for supporting me all the time, thanks for always editing all content on LFTP. Only God can reward your good works. Happy birthday 💛💛

Till next time.

The Jesus Vibe.

When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby moved within her. -( Luke 1:41).
“For as soon as I heard your greeting, the baby within me jumped with gladness. ” -( Luke 1:44)

Yeah, the Jesus kind of vibe 😁. So Elizabeth told Mary the baby inside of her jumped with gladness as soon as she heard Mary’s greeting. I assumed that by the time Mary came to visit Elizabeth, Jesus had started to form within Mary that’s the only explainable reason to why the baby within Elizabeth would leap for joy. Recall Elizabeth said “ blessed is the child you will bear. ”
What the Holy spirit drew my attention to was the baby jumping. I likened it to when we hear the word of God and there is this understanding within our spirit because the Holy spirit is making the word clearer. At times, you see people scream, at times it’s something else. Sometimes I feel hot sensations that I am unable to control, at times, it could be teary eyes because you just can’t take enough, the Holy spirit just make those things so clear! This doesn’t mean that if we don’t scream we are weird or something or that we are not spiritual enough, no.

The baby leaped not because of Mary’s greeting but because of the presence of God within her. I mean, she was carrying our Lord Jesus Christ! The baby jumped because she was carrying the word of God. John says,
“ In the beginning was the word(Jesus) and the word (Jesus) was with God and the word (Jesus) was God. ”
Angel Gabriel had told Zachariah that his child will be filled with the Holy spirit. The Holy Spirit makes the word of God real.
It’s not weird that people scream or make a move or cry when they encounter the realness of the word of God. Don’t let anyone kill your Jesus vibe. There is an excitement when we hear the word of God, never let what people will say or how they would perceive you close the door on this excitement.

Till next time. ❤

Abba’s happiness is a priority.


So there was this day I was travelling and you know how public transports are, 😂 most conductors don’t express the love of Christ from within. We had the bus clown, cracking every possible joke with any possible happenings in the bus , some were not even funny you can be sure about that😁.

There was that person who would nag and nag, there was another person who would scream Jesus at every scene, like chill W.O.G Jesus is seated at the right hand of God in heaven and He is all about our safety, and then, some of us who would just sit back, observe and enjoy the ride.

There was this woman who was arguing with the bus conductor that she wouldn’t pay the full amount because she wasn’t going into the town. The bus conductor then told her to come down from the bus and watch what would become of her, epic! 😂 in my head I was like, why nag when she would still pay up? Isn’t this how God tells us to do something and we nag about them? Isn’t this how the Holy Spirit tells us things and we act like we didn’t hear him? Asides the very harsh words the conductor used, I remember him telling everyone the amount we were going to pay.

Our only duty is to obey him no matter how His instructions meet us. There is no reason to nag and nag when we should just get the work done. God is calling us all into a more splendid life. Obey, there is no other way.

Till next time.